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FDA Urges Consumers to use caution when buying pet medicine online - Buyer Beware

The Food and Drug Administration and veterinarians across the globe are giving people/clients a "heads-up" regarding 

counterfeit pet medications.

Some of these fakes are really well done, sadly, and these imitations can make your pets very sick, or worse.

Our own Pharmacy page states, "Safety - Did you know that there are an ever-increasing number of illegal pet pharmacies that are selling counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly made or improperly stored drugs?" 

Below is a Facebook posting and helpful photos regarding Seresto Collars (flea and tick).  Buyer Beware!

Another good article - FDA urges consumers to use caution when buying pet medicine online.  Here's how to tell if an online pharmacy is reputable, By Sarah D. Young

Our recommendation, purchase your pet meds from your veterinarian directly and/or their website pharmacies!

​NOTE:  Our blog articles are intended to provide helpful insights and information for your consideration.  They clearly identify original sources for their content, including links.

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