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FDA Urges Consumers to use caution when buying pet medicine online - Buyer Beware

The Food and Drug Administration and veterinarians across the globe are giving people/clients a "heads-up" regarding 

counterfeit pet medications.

Some of these fakes are really well done, sadly, and these imitations can make your pets very sick, or worse.

Our own Pharmacy page states, "Safety - Did you know that there are an ever-increasing number of illegal pet pharmacies that are selling counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly made or improperly stored drugs?" 

Below is a Facebook posting and helpful photos regarding Seresto Collars (flea and tick).  Buyer Beware!

Our recommendation, purchase your pet meds from your veterinarian directly and/or their website pharmacies!

​NOTE:  Our blog articles are intended to provide helpful insights and information for your consideration.  They clearly identify original sources for their content, including links.


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